Tuesday 23 December 2014

Scuba Instructor Highlight: Sean Slaughter

Today on Planet Earth Diver I highlight newly minted scuba instructor Sean Slaughter. I talk with Sean about his decision to become an instructor plus West Coast diving and leading a dive trip to Captain Don’s in Bonaire.

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Wednesday 17 December 2014

Scuba Santa

Spoiler alert! Santa is not at the North Pole – he has been seen underwater in the Shark Tank at the Newport Aquarium in Kentucky! Jolly old Saint Nick is decked out in a festive custom made wetsuit and along with his aquatic Elf helper, does scuba shows for kids and families every day. The shows are a huge hit in the Cincinnati and Newport area: It delivers laughs, holiday cheer and education in equal measure. Today on Planet Earth Diver I talk with Zoological Operations Manager, Jeff Gibula, about the show and the Aquarium.  

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Tuesday 16 December 2014

Diving the West Coast of Vancouver Island at Rendezvous Dive Adventures

Diving off of Vancouver Island, British Columbia is always a treat. The abundance of life in certain areas is mind boggling. On the west side of the island nestled in Barkley Sound is a great little dive operation called Rendezvous Dive Adventures. Rendezvous is cozy, rustic and off grid. It also offers great diving plus in the summer months after your dives, you can watch Eagles, Bears and whales from the comfort of the large back deck. Today I talk with Peter Mieras – the diving Dutchman about his dive location and what it’s all about.

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Monday 15 December 2014

Ocean Health Check Up

As scuba divers we become invested in the health of our oceans simply by being witness to the beauty of the reefs and the wondrous aquatic life that is contained within it. Today on Planet Earth Diver it’s an Ocean and US Coastal Water health check with Dr George H Leonard from Ocean Conservancy. George talks about the hot buttons facing the ocean today plus what is being done right now. While there are serious challenges facing our seas – there are some areas of progress and hope.

What I am impressed with the most about Ocean Conservancy is that they are working towards bringing business, government and recreational users of the Oceans together so that we all win – including the environment.

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Wednesday 10 December 2014

New Scuba Sitcom: Rainbow Reef

Today on Planet Earth Diver we talk TV. There is a new scuba TV sitcom in the works called Rainbow Reef. It is set in a scuba shop with a colorful array of characters drawn from real life people who come into scuba shops. The bad guy in the show will be actor Ed Asner. Ed’s character owns a competing dive shop and will stop at nothing to put his competition out of business. The show is being produced by JT Quinn – a scuba instructor. I talk with JT about the show and what he is doing to crowd fund his efforts.

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Women in Scuba - One Size Doesn't Fit All

More and more women are getting into diving - a sport once dominated by men. Equipment manufacturers are trying to play catch up as they realize that one size does not fit all – gear made for men doesn’t fit women divers. Award winning underwater explorer, Jill Heinerth, has co-written a new book called Women Underwater. In this book Jill gives information and stories gained from her own experiences and has presented it in easily digestible and entertaining format. On today’s show I talk with Jill about what’s inside.

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